What it can do
Great for regulating humidity
Keeps window screens clear
Can help prevent damp smell
Help prevent mold and fungus
Protects against water damage
Damp Eater
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Detailed information on silica gel and polar fleece
The damp eater contains silica gel which is great at absorbing moisture
And eating damp, the damp eater is made from polar fleece which is
A highly breathable material, which allows water to be absorbed easily.
Can be used in a number of locations such as the interior of boats,
caravans, damp smelling rooms, and mainly cars to prevent
condensation over night and save you time.
Highly reusable can be regenerated once full you will be able to tell
this simply by the wet feeling when picking the bag up this can be done
In two ways such as microwave on a low setting or leave it on a Radiator
for a period of time.
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